State Of Decay 2: 10 Best Base Locations (2023)

There is a multitude of different bases available in State of Decay 2. Each brings different elements and can either be a boon or a struggle for the survivors the player brings with them. Due to each being so unique it can be a real challenge when trying to find the best base in this zombie survival game. It's imperative to have slots for beds, water, food, and a high morale throughout.

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Luckily, despite there being many bases, some stand out far above the rest. Certain bases will increase players' chances of survival and will undoubtedly make anyone's life a lot easier while still saving the hassle and sizeable cost of relocating.

10 Bridge Fort: Cascade Hills

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Bridge Fort is an ideal base to grab if the player is looking to get into a more advantageous position to avoid the hordes of hungry zombies. This is primarily since it's positioned on top of a bridge and has a relatively good element of protection surrounding it including two watchposts on the east and west points.

Unlike many of the best bases in State of Decay 2, this is a relatively cheap purchase and is therefore one many will be able to live in near the beginning of the game. They will also easily be able to expand here due to the sizeable parking lots and many open slots.

9 Container Fort: Cascade Hills

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The Container Fort is much like the Bridge Fort but upgraded. The cost of moving in forces it to be an expensive late-game relocation but one that every player should strive for if they are exploring Cascade Hills.

This is primarily due to the fact that it has a huge amount of available slots to build, which allows for both creativity and the player to input what the community really needs without having to tear anything down. Moreover, the Container Fort base already comes with a level three workshop which is ideal for any player looking to repair, salvage, or craft something new to destroy those creatures.

8 Squelones Brewing Company: Meagher Valley

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When it comes to finding the best base in State of Decay 2, location is everything. It's all well and good having a well-defended and useful base but it's just inconvenient if it's right in the corner of the map. This is one of the aspects that makes the Squelones Brewing Company such a fantastic choice, after all, it's a sizeable base that's located right in the heart of the map, meaning the player can get wherever they want with ease and speed.

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However, it's likely the group won't want to ever leave the base due to its game-changing brewing capability. Essentially, this base comes with the ability to brew beer and alcohol. This can be used to make fuel, molotovs, or just use it for a bit of a boost in morale. If that isn't needed then players can simply sell the beer for some extra cash.

7 Whitney Field: Meagher Valley

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If players prefer to get into a larger base without needing to build too many elements then Whitney Field is the best option. It's another end-game choice to make due to the requirements but once the player can afford it, this one is well worth it.

There are plenty of beds, impressive fortifications, and enough parking to satisfy any hoarder of cars throughout their game. On top of that, this base has a fair amount of empty slots for a bit of personalization and will pretty much have everything the survivors may need to survive in the zombie wasteland.

6 Fortified Truck Stop: Providence Ridge

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The Fortified Truck Stop is another conveniently located base that's set right in the heart of Providence Ridge. This makes it easy to trade with people, complete necessary quests, or just explore the map for loot without the fear of straying too far away from this useful base.

Unfortunately, it doesn't come with many open slots but does seem to have the majority of what players will need, including a great kitchen and a fuel tank watchtower to keep an eye on any problems that may occur. Players will need to build some beds, however, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

5 Lumber Mill: Providence Ridge

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Lumber Mill is an end-game base that many will have to work hard to get. However, this is well worth having purely for the customizable nature it brings to the game. The amount of open slots means players can put whatever they want in their base without much hassle.

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However, there's much more to this location than many initially see. The Lumber Mill introduces a Sawmill to State of Decay 2 and allows players to profit greatly off its production. They can gather free building materials if it's required, which can be particularly useful for players looking to get the base to a good status.

4 Mike's Concrete: Drucker County

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Typically each map in State of Decay 2 has a starter, a mid-game, and an end-game base. It's advantageous if that endgame base is located in the middle but even better if the mid-game version is there instead. This is primarily due to the fact that players don't need to grind out some influence or survivors before fully feeling like they have a base to stay in for a while.

Mike's Concrete is a mid-game base that's just off the heart of Drucker County and brings a variety of elements like multiple beds, a machine shop, and a vast amount of parking along with some fuel storage to keep them going. It almost makes and sells itself and players will need to do very little to thrive.

3 Barricaded Strip Mall: Drucker County

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Typically in most Zombie films, the characters will hide out in either a basement or a shopping mall. This is due to the endless protection surrounding them, the large parking lots, and the many items inside. This is exactly what the Barricaded Strip Mall in Drucker County brings to State of Decay 2.

It's filled with bathrooms, a Tae-Kwon-Do gym, and even has a high-end Kitchen that will help greatly with both hunger and morale. It also comes with an Urgent Care, making it the perfect base to use in Drucker County.

2 Farmland Compound: Trumbull Valley

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The Farmland Compound is one of the best maps in the newer Trumbull Valley. It's extremely customizable with up to seven available empty slots to use however the player pleases and is positioned near the center of the map.

Luckily, they won't need to worry about inputting many necessities since this base seems to already come with them. It boasts an Infirmary, a Kitchen, and beds, allowing any survivors to thrive easily and quickly. Just be careful when protecting the base since it doesn't have many high walls or fences to keep those Zombies out.

1 Pterodactyl Ptark: Trumbull Valley

State Of Decay 2: 10 Best Base Locations (10)

The majority of the effective bases in State of Decay 2 look cool. They're typically intimidating and have high walls and an almost rugged look to them. While this may be the case for the Pterodactyl Park, it does have a more silly spin on it in the form of the giant Pterodactyl head stuck on the front.

Don't let the silliness fool you, however, this base is great for a beginner and is ideal to learn how to build an effective base. This is primarily due to the five small and one large available slots. It also comes with both beds and a built-in toilet for extra morale so players can experiment without there being too much of a cost.

State of Decay 2 is available now on Xbox One and PC.

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