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In order to find the best vacuum sealer for sous vide, we put a few leading models to the test by sealing some of the most delicate foods we could find,to assess their ability to effectively preserve food without crushing it.
The best vacuum sealer for sous vide can help save on food waste, ensuring that your meals and produce stay fresh and last longer. While there are two kinds of vacuum sealers¡ªchamber and external¡ªthe external type is suitable for most households. And although you can vacuum seal just about anything (including avocados!), they¡¯re generally best used to preserve meat, fish, soft cheeses, nuts, herbs and fruits.
best vacuum sealer for sous vide help keep your food fresh for longer, and with proper sealing and storage it can also help cut back on food waste. Finding the best vacuum sealer for sous vide is handy for meal prepping, stocking up on grocery store sales, or freezing leftovers. It can also be helpful for marinating proteins and veggies and is a great tool to have on hand if you like to sous vide. How does this convenient kitchen appliance work? It uses a vacuum system to create an airtight seal around food items.
best vacuum sealer for sous vide keep food fresher for longer, allowing home cooks to reduce waste and save money in the long run. Vacuum sealers are food storage devices that keep food fresh, prevent freezer burn, and are helpful for sous vide cooking by sucking all of the air out of specially made vacuum sealer bags.Our list of the best vacuum sealer for sous vide has plenty of options to help you preserve everything in your freezer, including meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, snacks, and even pantry staples. To find the best vacuum sealer for sous vide, we spent hours researching the best models and features to consider, including factors such as size, sealing options, and included accessories.
best vacuum sealer for sous vide

Bestseller No. 1

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Anova Culinary Precision Vacuum Sealer Pro, Includes 1 Bag Roll, For Sous Vide and Food Storage, black, medium

  • The more robust, older sibling to our best selling “minimalist” Precision Vacuum Sealer. Expect a high power vacuum, reliable double sealer, built-in bag storage and cutter, an accessory port for sealing containers, and the ability to seal wet foods without worry – all with just one hand.
  • ONE HAND SEALING: Designed to be fully functional, while using just one hand. Clamping bags, vacuuming, and sealing are all easily accomplished with a single hand.
  • MARINADE FRIENDLY: Switch modes to wet-function to activate a low pressure suction and reliable double sealer, enabling you to seal even the juiciest of foods without fear.
  • SECRET STORAGE: Hinge your vac sealer open to see that it conveniently houses a full roll of bags (Included for free!) and a simple sliding bag cutter. Flip the sealer over to reveal integrated cord storage hidden in the bottom of the unit.
  • THINK OUTSIDE THE BAG: An added accessory port and hose open the door to sealing specialized canning jar lids, a wide variety of vacuum-ready containers, resealing wine bottles, and more!

Bestseller No. 2

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Anova Culinary ANVS01-US00 Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer, Includes 10 Precut Bags, For Sous Vide and Food Storage

  • SEAL THE DEAL: Vacuum sealing is hands down the best way to ensure no air enters your bag during a sous vide cook – ensuring your food will stay fully submerged while cooking, and seal in maximum flavor. Additionally, the ability to seal, freeze, and store food for later makes prepping your meals in advance a breeze (Voltage: 110).
  • WHAT TO COOK: Sous vide cooking s the perfect level of doneness for nearly any food of your choosing. Chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs, beef, lamb, pork and more are all ideal candidates for sous vide circulation. The ability to lock in flavor and moisture during the cooking process results in texture and taste that is second to none.
  • POWER AT THE PUSH OF A BUTTON: The all-new Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer accessory is the perfect companion to our best selling line of Anova Precision Cookers, or any other sous vide circulator, making it easy to achieve restaurant-quality cooking results at home with the push of a button. The Anova vacuum sealer is reliable, compact, and simple to use compared to most other vacuum sealers on the market. It also ships with 10 free Anova pre-cut vacuum sealer bags to get you started!
  • EASY TO USE: Simply put your food of choice into an Anova pre-cut or rolled vacuum sealer bag, season as desired, insert opened end of bag to Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer, then remove air and seal the bag with the press of a single button. Separate air pulse and seal functions are also included for your convenience.
  • CUSTOMER PROMISE: Designed in San Francisco, CA with a 5 year . Anova delivers thousands of sous vide recipes for free in the Anova App, created for cooks of every skill level by award-winning chefs and home cooks alike. The numbers speak for themselves – with over 60 million units sold to date and half a million #Anovafoodnerds worldwide, you could say people love cooking with Anova. Try it yourself and find out why with our 100-day money-back .

SaleBestseller No. 3

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ARY VacMaster VP215 Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide, Liquids, Powders, and Food Storage, 110V, Heavy Duty Rotary Oil Pump, Industrial Grade Vacuum Packaging Machine

  • Equipped with a 1/4 HP rotary oil pump that can manage larger loads.
  • Overall Dimensions (WxDxH): 14” x 20” x 15” | Chamber Size (WxDxH): 11.25” x 15.25” x 5” | Weight: 84 lbs
  • Heavy-duty yet easy to use, the VP215 extends food's shelf life up to five times longer.
  • A double seal on each bag ensures a complete and lasting seal that's twice as strong as other machines.
  • This reliable and quiet vacuum sealer is perfect for small restaurants, culinary institutions, delicatessens, catering, or hunters and fishers.

Bestseller No. 4

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WiFi Sous-Vide-Machine & Vacuum Sealer Machine, Inkbird Sous Vide Cooker 1000W w/Recipes on APP Precision Cooker | Automatic Air Sous Vide Vacuum Sealing Machine with Starter Kit

  • ★ 【What You Get】A wifi sous vide cooker. A PowerVac Air Vacuum Sealer Machine, 5pcs Pre-cut Vacuum Sealer Bag (8"*11.8" )&Vacuum Sealer Rolls (8"*79" ), Free recipes on the APP and sous vide machine
  • ★ 【Wifi Remote Control】The WIFI sous vide cooker only support 2.4Ghz WIFI, but once the sous vide machine is connected with your router via APP InkbirdPro /InkbirdSmart, you could monitor and control it anywhere you're. Perfectly cooks meals everytime
  • ★ 【Ultraquiet Precision Cooker & Intelligent Design】Inkbird thermal immersion circulator features a wide temperature range of 77-210°F (25-99°C) within 0.1°C accuracy and the max timer setting of 99H; Calibration range: -10F~10F. Keeps a homogeneous temperature for up to 20 L of water even at full 1000 W output; ultra-quiet with less than 40 dB noise at 1 m. Intuitive LCD touch controls allow effortless adjustment and tracking
  • ★ 【Cook Like a Chef at Home】 Achieves restaurant quality meals with ease by preserving juices, moisture and flavors thanks to precise temperature control; low-temperatures sous vide cooking keeps the raw materials fresh, juicy and healthy. If like smoky, could add some barbecue on this basis, a new delicacy will be born, a double feeling.Retains all of the health and nutrition benefits that are difficult to achieve from traditional cooking
  • ★ 【Protection and Temperature Alarm】This thermal cooker will stop working and alarm you when the water level is lower than the minimum. Also will alarm you when temp reaches target setting value. The stainless steel is easy to clean. While this unit is not waterproof. The water level can not over the max line.

SaleBestseller No. 5

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SOUSVIDE ART Precision Cooker Kit | 800W DELUXE Sous Vide Machine Immersion Cookers Circulator | 30 Vacuum Seal Bags, Vacuum Pump, Digital Timer, & Temperature Control | All In One Sous Vide Machines

  • COOK LIKE A CHEF, AT HOME: Create perfectly cooked meals with our superior precision-controlled Sous Vide immersion circulator that delivers incredibly tasty, juicy results without overcooking
  • ALL-IN-ONE STARTER SET INCLUDES: Stainless steel 800 Watt SOUSVIDE ART Cooker with universal clamp to attach to any cookware. Additional accessories are 30 BPA-free reusable bags, vacuum seal pump, clips, clamps, and recipe book to inspire first-time Sous Vide beginners and culinary enthusiasts
  • WHAT YOU CAN COOK: With your SOUSVIDE ART Cooker, you have limitless cooking options - from chicken, fish, vegetables, egg, meat, beef, lamb, pork, and much more! Our superior technology lets you lock in flavor, retain more nutrients, and create tender, restaurant-style dishes right from your kitchen
  • HEALTHIER, TASTIER COOKING: Our premium Sous Vide technology preserves more nutrients and vitamins in your foods than other methods of cooking with no additional oils or fats required for flavoring. Plus, Sous Vide cooking is the meal prepper's ultimate dream for batch cooking delicious, nutritious food
  • MESS-FREE & EASY TO CLEAN: Achieve chef-like results with half the effort and minimal monitoring with our precision-control technology that alerts you when your perfectly-cooked food is ready. Easily clean the pod and store your SOUSVIDE ART circulator in a drawer to keep your kitchen counter uncluttered

Bestseller No. 6

best vacuum sealer for sous vide - LavaLove (6)

Anova Sous Vide Cookbook: Best Complete Effortless Meals and Perfectly Cooked Recipes Crafting at Home through a Modern Technique with ... Immersion Circulator (Best Sous Vide Cooking)

  • Deleware, Delorean (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 146 Pages - 08/14/2018 (Publication Date) - CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (Publisher)

Bestseller No. 7

best vacuum sealer for sous vide - LavaLove (7)

Weston Brands Vacuum Sealer Machine for Food Preservation & Sous Vide, Extra-Wide Bar, Sealing Bags up to 16", 935 Watts, Commercial Grade Pro 2300 Stainless Steel

  • Powerful, pro-performance; Heavy duty construction and 935 watts of power make this vacuum sealer powerful
  • Quick and easy; Just press start; Double piston pump seal bar finishes the job fast; It’s the perfect tool for preserving your prized catch or preparing your garden vegetables for freezing
  • Seals through moisture; Extra wide, 5 millimeters seal bar creates a solid, dependable seal every time; Seal wild game, fish and more
  • Manual seal mode; Allows control over the amount of vacuum pressure for soft delicate foods
  • Fits a variety of bag sizes; Extra-long 15 inches (38 centimeters) seal bar means you can seal up to 15 inches across; Compatible with food saver and Ziploc bags

SaleBestseller No. 8

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Sous Vide Cooker Kit All In One| Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Slim Design 1000W Precise Temperature with Vacuum Sealer Machine and Sous Vide Vacuum Bags | 24 Month Warranty | Deluxe Edition

  • 🔸 Sous vide cooker starter kit DELUXE EDITION includes sous vide immersion cooker with precision temperature 1000W slim design, 10 pcs sous vide vacuum bags, vacuum sealer machine for sou vide cooking, cookbook with sous vide recipes
  • 🔸 Try Sous Vide Starter Kit ALL IN ONE with sous vide immersion circulator slim by Garnease and get incredibly juicy and flavorful food. Garnease Sous Vide Machine will allow anyone to cook reastaurant-quality meal at home. Sous Vide Pod kit with sous vide accessories is great gift-idea for everyone from chef amateurs to pros
  • 🔸 Sous vide set by Garnease include all that you need to cook your favorite meals by sous vide method to GET AMAZING RESULTS every time.
  • 🔸 1000 watts of power in Garnease sou vide cooker ensure high-output heat for rapid cooking and in-built brushless DC motor ensures a LONG LIFE_TIME USING of this thermal immersion sous vide device.
  • 🔸 FOOD VACUUM SEALER MACHINE is included in the sous vide kit, therefore you don't need to waste additional money to buy it. Also, you can use the vacuum machine not only for sous vide cooking but for storage and preserving many kinds of products.

Bestseller No. 9

best vacuum sealer for sous vide - LavaLove (9)

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Machine with Automatic Bag Detection, Sealer Bags and Roll, and Handheld Vacuum Sealer for Airtight Food Storage and Sous Vide, Black

  • STRETCH YOUR DOLLAR: Food preserved with the FoodSaverSystem in the freezer can last up to 3 years and still taste fresh, flavorful, and freezer-burn free. Prep-ahead meals, leftovers, and produce stored in the fridge will stay fresh up to weeks later instead of spoiling in days
  • YIELDS MORE BAGS: Designed to minimize bag waste compared to previous FoodSaver models; features a built-in roll cutter so you can create custom-sized bags without using scissors
  • VERY CONSISTENT SEALING: Equipped with dual heat sealing strips, it's guaranteed to reach an optimal vacuum level and airtight seal. The FM2100 is durable, high quality, and backed by a 5-year limited warranty
  • COMPATIBLE WITH FRESH HANDHELD SEALER & OTHER ACCESSORIES: Attach the handheld sealer (sold separately) with the accessory hose included with your machine to start preserving food in the refrigerator and pantry with FoodSaver Zipper Bags and Fresh Containers (sold separately)
  • INCLUDES: (1) 11" x 10' vacuum seal roll, (3) 1-quart pre-cut vacuum seal bags, (2) 1-gallon pre-cut vacuum seal bags, and (1) accessory hose

SaleBestseller No. 10

best vacuum sealer for sous vide - LavaLove (10)

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Machine with 4 Settings Including Pulse and Marinate with Sealer Bags and Roll, Handheld Vaccum Sealer for Airtight Food Storage and Sous Vide, Black

  • KEEP FOOD FRESH LONGER: This FoodSaver Multi-Use Preservation System keeps food fresh in the freezer up to 5x longer, and fresher longer in the fridge and pantry, compared to ordinary storage methods—and helps prevent freezer burn as well
  • VERSATILE: Combines heat sealer and handheld vacuum sealer in one unit; use the heat seal strip for freezer storage, and the handheld sealer for fridge and pantry storage
  • PULSE/MARINATE/MOIST/DRY CUSTOM SETTINGS: This unit is equipped with 4 custom settings: seal delicate foods like baked goods without crushing using the pulse setting; marinate in minutes with marinate setting; dry and moist settings ensure an airtight seal is achieved regardless of the type of food you are sealing
  • MORE FEATURES: Roll storage with built-in cutter bar so you can create custom-sized vacuum seal bags; time-saving features makes bags from rolls faster, by cutting your bag as you're sealing your next bag; alignment tool and angled opening ensure ideal bag placement; removable drip tray
  • EASY TO USE: Simply press vacuum button to remove air and seal, and LED light indicates sealing is complete

best vacuum sealer for sous vide Buyer¡¯s Guide
Vacuum sealing preserves food in airtight bags to help it have a longer shelf life than normal refrigerated or frozen food. This buying guide will help you select the best food vacuum sealer for your food storage and pantry needs.
There are two types of food vacuum sealers¡ªchamber sealers and external sealers.
Chamber vacuum sealers hold the food inside the machine. They¡¯re best for sealing large batches of food and moist foods.
External vacuum sealers are countertop models that only touch the edge of the bag, keeping the food on the outside during the sealing process. They¡¯re not as versatile, but they take up less counter space.
Vacuum sealers require special vacuum-sealing bags. Some vacuum sealers come packaged with bags, while others require you to purchase the bags separately. If you purchase bags separately, be sure they¡¯re compatible with the size of your machine¡¯s seal bar.
Sealing Settings
Many food vacuum sealers include two sealing modes: a dry mode and a wet or moist mode. The dry mode should be your default setting. You should only use the wet setting when you¡¯re sealing juicy foods, such as fresh berries or sauce-covered dishes.
A vacuum sealer may have additional settings, such as gentle pressure, pulse vacuum, or manual, all of which are good for dealing with delicate foods.
Vacuum sealers are not typically dishwasher safe. Take the machine apart before washing it by hand to ensure a thorough cleaning.
You should clean your vacuum sealer regularly to prevent crumbs and liquid from building up.
Other features
Additional features that can improve food vacuum sealer performance and user experience include:
Automatic bag detection
Setting indicator lights
Double sealing
Non-slip feet
The price of a high-quality vacuum sealer depends on its size, quality, brand, number of bags, and features. Low-end vacuum sealers can cost as little as $25-$50, while large sealers with more powerful suction and many extra features can run for hundreds of dollars.
Set your budget first, and then look for the best vacuum sealers available in that range when shopping.
best vacuum sealer for sous vide Brands
There are many brands to choose from when shopping for a vacuum sealer. Some of the most trusted brands are:
Anova Culinary
Hamilton Beach
It is advisable to clean your vacuum sealer between each use. You should also use a filter and ensure foods are fully frozen before vacuum sealing them to prevent excess crumbs or liquids from damaging the machine.
You can wash most vacuum sealers with warm water and soap. Larger devices typically require more cleaning.
How we tested
Each vacuum sealer we tested got a thorough workout using moist items, dry foods, and delicate items. During our tests of the sealing process, we made note of any pain points or annoyances.
To test wet mode, we vacuum-sealed salmon filets, chicken thighs, and pork in marinade. We noted how much air, if any, remained, and how tightly the bag fit around the items. In the best food vacuum sealers, the sealed items should not be able to move.
To test dry mode, we used dry basmati rice and dry pinto beans and evaluated how much air remained. Items sealed in dry mode should be so empty of air that the bag feels hard.
We vacuum-sealed multigrain crackers and chocolate chip cookies on pulse mode, for sealers that had it, to determine how effective and easy this mode was to use and how well it worked without crushing the contents.
To test the marinade function, we used meat from the same pork roast and bathed in the same big batch of marinade. We compared the meat in vacuum-sealed bags and regular zipper bags without the air removed.
To test chamber vacuum sealers, we sealed large and small quantities of dry rice, dry beans, crackers, cookies, salmon filets, marinated chicken thighs, and chicken stock. We also performed tests of quick-pickled zucchini, lemon-infused vodka, and compressed watermelon. It should take only two to three cycles to saturate vegetables with brine or infuse vodka with flavor. The bags of marinated meat should sink with minimal buoyancy when placed in a pot of water, as they would need to do when cooking them sous vide.
The Best Foods To Preserve With a Vacuum Sealer
You can vacuum seal most food items but there are a few notable exceptions, which we¡¯ve mentioned in the frequently asked questions section below.
If you¡¯re wondering how to make use of your vacuum sealer, here¡¯s a good list of some foods you can preserve with your new machine:
Baby food and formula
Baked goods like cookies and brownies
Chicken, fish, and meat
Dry goods like coffee beans, herbs, jerky, nuts, and spices
Fruits and vegetables
Pre-cooked dishes and soups
Frequently Asked Questions
Is it worth having a vacuum sealer?
A vacuum sealer is a highly versatile tool to have in your kitchen, allowing you to prolong the shelf life of food, sous vide, and prevent freezer burn and dehydration ¨C without introducing chemicals. If you like to buy in bulk or meal prep, a vacuum sealer is particularly helpful and worth purchasing.
What foods should you not vacuum seal?
“Some foods you should avoid vacuum sealing include soft cheese, bananas, mushrooms, whole apples, and raw onions,” says King. “Some foods are great for vacuum sealing but should be handled with care. For example, use pulse mode with delicate baked goods or snack foods.” In addition, steaming-hot food should cool to room temperature before you vacuum seal it, as the steam can loosen the airtight seal, which can then result in bacterial growth.
What else can you use a vacuum sealer for?
“Once you learn the basics of vacuum sealing, there is no limit to the number of uses you will find around the house for these machines. Beyond food storage, vacuum sealing is a great way to simplify meal prep, sous vide cook, and marinate faster,” says King.
Can any bags be used with a vacuum sealer?
Unfortunately, no. Regular bags or poly bags will not work when vacuum sealing because they will leak oxygen. Look for more heavy-duty bags when using your vacuum sealer.
What kinds of foods shouldn¡¯t I seal?
Avoid sealing mushrooms, bananas, garlic, and unpasteurized cheeses, such as ricotta, camembert, and brie. These items contain anaerobic bacteria that survive in oxygen-free sealing bags, making them prone to mold.
How long do vacuum-sealed foods last?
This will depend on the type of food. Cheeses typically last about eight months, while ground meats and fruits last up to one year. Cut meat, fish, vegetables, and dry foods can last up to two years.
What foods require preparation before being vacuum-sealed?
You should blanch cruciferous vegetables¡ªa group that includes broccoli, cauliflower, and bok choy¡ªbefore vacuum sealing them. Blanching involves boiling the vegetables and briefly submerging them in ice water. This process prevents the growth of enzymes that can ruin the vegetables.


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